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409 Yonge St, Barrie, ON L4N 4E1

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  • 5279th visitor ★ Poor 1 out of 5

    The Original Barrie Burger review on 2018-04-20 14:44:48

    My husband and I have been long time customers of Barrie Burger beginning when they were located on Bayfield St. Even when the original owners sold to the current family of owners we continued to go because they were upholding the standards set by the prior owners. However, we began to see some problems happening, the man who owns the place has a bad attitude and will never admit his mistakes. The wife is amazing, when she is there things get done properly, she goes out of her way to please. Our recent experience this week has left us no choice but to discontinue going there. On Monday we ordered our usual burger, fries and fish with greek salad. My husband came home with the order and I took one bite of the fish and it was bad, it had gone rancid and I spit it out. Since it was late the store was closed we couldnt call. On Thursday night of this same week my husband went in again and told them that my last order of the fish was bad and they only discounted the fries. He came home with the order and again, the fish was rancid and I couldnt eat it. My husband phoned and told them he was bringing it back but it would be a while since we live way out in the North end outside of the city. They proceeded to argue with him saying it is the same batch that was fine. He came home unimpressed and handed me my THIRD order of fish and I broke open the fish and smelled it.... IT WAS BAD!!!!! Today I phoned the Health Department and put in a complaint on this restaurant. First time Ive ever resorted to that method but this is obviously poor food handling and needs to be addressed before someone gets sick. Most people dont complain, they just dont become a repeat customer, I feel that the restaurant needs to know and if they dont fix or acknowledge the problem then they need to be reported.

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